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Graduate Student Research Opportunities

John Giardina (Massachusetts General Hospital), Emily Hyle (Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital) and Ankur Pandya (Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health) are seeking a research assistant to conduct statistical analyses as part of a decision modeling project on dementia and cardiovascular disease risk among people with HIV. The position will focus on conducting survival analyses of cohort datasets to parameterize a decision analytic simulation model, and will include the opportunity to work with a multidisciplinary team of clinicians, decision scientists, and biostatisticians. Minimum qualifications for the project include proficiency in the R programming language, experience preparing and analyzing health-related data, and training in survival analysis techniques. This will be a paid position ($20/hr), and the expected commitment is about 5 hours/week for 15-20 weeks. Please reach out to with your CV and brief description of your research experience if you are interested.