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The multidisciplinary Medical Practice Evaluation Center Implementation Science team is internationally recognized for research on the epidemiology of HIV/AIDS and other infectious and non-communicable diseases, and for implementation science studies to improve care delivery.

Our faculty and fellows conduct clinical trials and longitudinal cohort studies in patient populations in the United States and in international settings. Below are examples of the types of research projects on which Medical Practice Evaluation Center implementation science team members work.

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Investigating HIV Treatment and Prevention Strategies

Using a variety of methods, including observational cohort studies, randomized trials, mixed methods, and implementation science, many researchers within the Implementation Pillar focus on developing and evaluating innovative strategies for improving engagement in HIV care and prevention. Ongoing projects include community-based interventions in South Africa, the impact of HIV drug resistance and adherence patterns in sub-Saharan Africa, and care delivery.

Investigating Maternal and Child Health Outcomes After HIV Infection

Our Implementation team conducts clinical and translational research to understand how infections in pregnancy and the peripartum period affect maternal and child health outcomes. Current projects include differences in placental structure, function, and metabolism; microbiology and antimicrobial resistance of maternal and neonatal infections; and the effects of maternal HIV infection on early-life immune development.

Investigating HIV-Related Comorbidities

Researchers at MPEC perform research on the intersection between HIV and other diseases. Projects include the prevention of metabolic diseases in people with HIV, the influence of environmental and infectious exposures on lung health among people with HIV, and non-communicable diseases.

Ground-Breaking COVID-19 Research

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our Implementation team has focused on understanding the effects of COVID-19. Ongoing projects include the effect of COVID-19 on the skin, determining the viral dynamics of COVID-19 infection, and defining and characterizing long COVID.