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HIV/Aging Research Administration Internship

The HIV/Aging Research Administration Internship is a novel approach to providing mentored exposure to various roles and career opportunities in clinical research and public health. Building on the exceptional foundation of the research teams and infrastructure at the MPEC and CASI at Massachusetts General Hospital, this internship facilitates opportunities for undergraduates to learn from skilled professionals in program management, clinical research coordination, and other elements of operational support, as well as faculty mentorship.

Figure. Overview of the Research Administration Internship in HIV/Aging.

What Interns will do:

  • Assist in building budgets and engaging procurement/logistics support.
  • Assist in the submission of research grant progress reports.
  • Orchestrate the exit process for departing employees.
  • Prepare onboarding and training plans for new hires.
  • Draft Standard Operating Procedure and protocol documentation.
  • Prepare Institutional Review Board documents.
  • Coordinate timelines for projects.
  • Design and produce surveys.
  • Develop figures and tables for scientific manuscripts.

Additional Opportunities:

  • Career mentoring sessions from MPEC and CASI staff and faculty.
  • Exposure to the lifecycle of research projects.
  • Learning about a diversity of roles and career opportunities that contribute to research and public health initiatives (e.g., HR, project management, grants administration).
  • Development of professional skills regarding multidisciplinary team communication and best practices for project planning (e.g., timelines, breaking larger problems into pieces).
  • Development of technical skills, including writing skills and exploring the visual representation of data (e.g., development of figures and tables).
  • Network with other student interns, MGH faculty and staff.

Note that this internship is one of two open HIV/Aging internship opportunities. Click here to find more detailed information.


Please contact for more information or questions.